Things You Should Know About Google’s Business Messages And The Benefits of Its Implementation For The Hotels

March 25, 2021

❛❛ 67% of customers would rather message a business than speak to a person!❜❜

Businesses around the world are gearing up to enjoy the benefits of Google’s Business Messages launched publicly in June 2020. But before diving deeper into how this service or feature is going to transform the future of your hotel business and customer relationships, let us first take a moment to acquaint ourselves better with the overall concept.

What is Google’s Business Messages?

Transforming the digital landscape is Google’s Business Messages, a Google service to allow businesses to connect with their customers in real-time. It will help the brands delight their customers with a conversational and personalized messaging experience. Enhancing customer care with rich features like carousels, photos, expert advice, and a lot more, Googles’ Business Messages will let the brands engage directly with the customers, thereby driving loyalty, purchasing, scheduling, and upsell.

The main motto of this feature is to “help your customers in the moment they need you, anytime and anywhere.” It aims at enhancing the customer experience through personalized and high-value conversation that will influence decision-making of sorts, right from purchasing a piece of furniture, choosing a home decor, or booking a hotel!

Drawing leads from multiple entry points like Google Search, Google Maps, Website, etc., Google’s Business Messages empowers your brand to be seamlessly discoverable across all the channels.

The best part about this service is that it can be easily integrated with the messaging service or platform that is already in use by you via the API. Thus, it automates all your communication and makes connecting with the customers much easier and faster.

Main Features:

• Timely and personalized conversation
• Smart reply chips for rapid communication
• Option to connect to a live agent for personalized assistance
• Carousels and photo cards allowing the seamless purchase and upsell
• Seamless automation and integration

The End Result

Google’s Business Messages reduce average handle time, allowing your brand an easy and creative way to engage with your customers, thereby fostering brand loyalty and boosting the rate of conversion.

❛❛ 46% of Google searches are for local businesses❜❜

Google's Business Messages For Hotels

In the Post COVID world, going digital has become an essential part of the hotel business. Allowing the leads to reach out through multiple channels like Google Search, Google Maps, Website, and a lot more, Google My Business will allow the modern-age travelers to pose their queries in real-time, thereby getting a rapid response to the same!

Let us take a look at the questions or things a trip-planner or traveler contemplates at the stage of research and booking. For instance, if somebody types “hotels in Chicago,” and your name pops up, offering Google’s Business Messages on your profile can instantly lead a potential visitor to connect with you. This will help them ask a variety of questions like, “Looking for a room for 3 for the coming Friday. Will it be available?” “Do you offer shuttle service?” “Do you serve breakfast?” etc. Even templated queries like “Tell me more about your location,” “First things first, how about a discount?” “Direct me to your digital concierge for A-Z information please,” “Need to know about the breakfast and other amenities ASAP,” “Book Now is tacky; guide me through the booking process” “Take my reservation: no if’s and but’s” can quickly help someone to connect with you.

Often a lot of leads drop out at this stage owing to the longer waiting time taken by the hotel employees to revert to the customers’ queries. But Google’s Business Messages will instantly alert your employees whenever a question is posed.
Again, if your hotel is receiving 300 calls/day, imagine the amount of time and energy your staff would be saving by simply engaging with the customers in a rapid, digital way through messaging.

So, let us quickly go through the benefits that you will be entitled to with Googles’ Business Messages For Hotels:

• Break the barriers: So many avenues will open up for your potential customers to connect with you via Google Search, Google Maps, the channels owned by you (your website, app, social channels, etc.)

Increase your sales volume: The more the customers can connect with you, the better it will be for your sales volume. In other words, higher engagement has the potential to convert to more sales.

Reduce the average handle time: Since communicating with the customers will now become faster and efficient, average handle time could be reduced drastically.

• Carry on with multiple interactions, unapologetically: Coupled with the benefit of reducing the hassle of receiving and handling so many phone calls per day.

What Makes Google's Business Messages For Hotels So Special?

Considering the fact that your potential customers or guests have various other ways of connecting with you through WebChat, website, etc, might dilute the significance of having Google’s Business Messages for a moment. But let us dissect this properly: even for using the well-integrated WebChat, a guest will have to first visit your website. Certainly, this counts as a step!
However, with Google’s Business Messages on your profile, a user is saved from the trouble of going all the way to your website and using your fancy WebChat or bot to find answers to their questions. This helps them save time on taking that additional step! Again, with bots and WebChats, time can be a crucial factor. Also, it is not guaranteed that a conversation carried on through WebChat will result in instant engagement and swift answers.

But with Google’s Business Messages for hotels, the task would be simplified and, in turn, will save the hotels a lot of time, thereby allowing them to close bookings in the shortest time possible!

100% customer satisfaction is what will mark an upward trend in your sales and overall functionality. After all, what can be better than helping your customers at the time they need you the most?


Enjoy a plush, asynchronous messaging experience to derive the best outcome!

Confused regarding how Business Messages work for hotels? The slideshow below explains exactly how you can use Google’s Business Messages for hotels in a quick and effective manner:


A short and quick slideshow explaining the benefits of Google’s Business Messages for hotels

Google's Business Messages For Hotels: Perks

• Ability to engage with customers directly and timely
• Striking a personalized conversation
• Offering various options for customer interaction
• Ease of use
• Handling multiple conversations at a time
• Option to show expected wait time: “typically responds in 3 minutes”
• Selling and upselling
• Faster responses
• Reduced customer service time
• Allowing smart automation and seamless integration with your WebChat and other messaging services.
• Less diversion of calls to the other departments


No more breaking up with your customers!

Instead, connect and create a meaningful experience for a long-lasting bond

…Open up to a world of 
on-demand conversation…

Congratulations, Folks!

GuestTouch now supports Business Messages that can be seamlessly integrated with your already existing communication platforms. In other words, we are now a part of Google’s program for Business Messages which will enable the hoteliers to learn and build with the technology, influence the road map, and offer their customers an upgraded messaging experience through Google Search and Maps.

Curious? Know it all through a free demo today!

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