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Instill confidence In travelers, researching their next stay.

Stand out and instill confidence
in travelers, with hand-crafted, personalized responses to your online reviews.

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Innovative Guest Engagement & Review Response Solution
Manage all reviews seamlessly
Track all reviews in a next generation reputation dashboard. Timely and professional respond to all your hotel reviews. Good or bad, it’s important to address feedback from your guests online. Review responses are a chance to provide customer service to the guest and additional context to others reading the responses.
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Respond to Every Review with unique, personalized responses
Respond to every review timely, professionally with care and attention across all major reviews and OTA platforms like Expedia, TripAdvisor, Google, Medalia, and Much more! Hoteliers can either approve and publish responses or set parameters for auto-approvals.
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You’ve full control over every response
Our expert team uses the smart prompts feature that draws from data to draft powerful and unique responses to each review. You can review & approve the responses seamlessly, leave it to experts, and auto-approve any responses, you’re fully in control of every response.
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Provide your input with one tap

Want to provide an input on a unique situation? it’s easy, one tap and you can give your details, which can be incorporated into the response. You can also tell us phrases you prefer to use for certain situations to create your brand’s communication standards.
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of bookings influenced by reviews
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surveyed said that they are more likely to book a hotel that responds to review compared to a relatively similar hotel that does not respond to reviews
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of travelers more likely to book when business responds to reviews
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of travelers said a thoughtful response to a negative review improved their impression of a business
Track & manage everything on the go with one of a kind WhatsApp integration
Always busy and on the go? We understand modern hoteliers. In addition to app/email notification, you can opt-in for one of a kind WhatsApp integration so you can keep track of time-sensitive customer feedback, provide review response input, approve review responses, right from your WhatsApp
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Getting fake reviews? We’ve got you covered!
Although negatives reviews can’t be removed, there are a few that may violate TripAdvisor policies. If you feel a review does that, you can leave it to us and we’ve got your covered.
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Strategic Management Reports
GuestTouch provides you with detailed review analytics giving hotels insights guest experience and identifies areas for operational improvements. Our simple to understand custom reports and comprehensive data enables hotels to leverage key insights to market your property.
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Actionable operational intelligence from online reviews
Easy to understand operational insights from guest reviews. Designed and engineered for modern hoteliers, data presented in an actionable format – no need to spend hours to understand the metrics.
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Let’s get started!

Let’s Get Started
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Frequently asked questions
We respond to reviews on all major platforms that influence and drives your bookings: TripAdvisor, Google My Business,, Expedia and more! We also partner with some hotel brands to respond to brand website sruveys like Medalia, and are always working to include more platforms.
As soon as a review comes in, we begin to work on a response. Our hand-crafted tailored responses are typically ready to publish within 24 hours from when we receive the review. Then, responses will post as soon as you approve them or will post immediately if auto-approval settings have been configured.
Our responses are expertly tailored to the content of each review. Hoteliers can provide additional context and instruction. For example, you can tell us phrases you prefer to use for certain situations, so we can respond to reviews better. Addtionally, you have a full control on response with approval process and a way to provide additional input for each response if you need to.
The plan starts from just $129/month. Packed with all the modern features you need to manage and grow your online reputation.
After we submit a response for review, an assigned person at your property can edit the response, send us comments or input, and approve the response. To save time, you can set up auto-approval. For example, you could auto-approve responses to 3-5 star reviews, but manually approve responses to 1-, 2 responses.
We understand hoteliers and how busy they can be running the hotels. So we support a wide range of mediums to notify you for critical reviews and approvals: app, email, and even WhatsApp, we’ve got you covered!
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