How to Add Your Hotel/Business to Google

March 17, 2020

To google hotel and view it there, it is necessary to add it to this platform. Before diving deep, at the very outset, we would like to make transparent the difference between adding and claiming your hotel on Google. Both has slightly different steps. If you have a new property/business, most likely you will need to start building your presence and one of the first key steps is to add your hotel/business on Google

Why This Matters?

Be found > Manage & Engage > Market > Drive Bookings.

Compared to typical product search (shoes, apparel, etc.), customers searching for hotels tend to be more motivated which means most travelers, when doing the hotel search, have already decided the destination and now customers are simply looking to make the choice on Where to stay with generally more narrowed criteria and options. These decisions are driven by motivators like the price, location, specific amenities and more importantly reviews that actually validate all these assumptions.

The easiest and free way to showcase your property to customers searching online is to be listed and engaged with directories, maps, OTAs, where people are actually deciding to where to book. Most influential search that drives key actions to your hotel is Google and it’s Google My Business page and Google Maps both increase the discoverability. They seamlessly connect to the OTAs making it easier for your customers to book. 

These are the steps you can follow for adding a hotel/business to Google:

Step 1: Sign In to Add your Business

Go to Google My Business, sign in to your account & start adding your business info in the given fields. Click on “Add a Location”

Step 2: Add your Business to GMB

If your business appears on the drop-down menu, simply click on the hotel name and proceed to verify your listing. If your business does not appear in the drop-down menu, proceed as usual and press “Continue”.

Step 3: Complete the Basic Questions

Make sure to add an accurate ‘category‘ that fits your hotel type

Add Hotel’s ‘Contact Details’ which you want to show to your customers

Step 4: Verify

You are almost there: Now you’ll need to verify your business listing to manage your business information. You can do this by call or text. If the phone option is not available, you can do it through the mail (yes, the snail mail). For postcard by mail, a code will be sent via postcard within 5–7 days of requesting verification to be done. Once you have received the postcard, you have to log into your GMB account and enter the code to complete the verification.

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